The Programs

Baltimore Bark House has programs for your dog to choose from whether they want to socialize with other dogs or only humans or whether they are here to train or just relax overnight. All our programs are led by trained staff and focus on purposeful play and rest to ensure your dog has a well-balanced day.

The day’s activities include Purposeful Play, Enrichment Activities, Physical Activities, and Rest.


Vaccinations – Vaccinations required are Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper Combo, and Leptospirosis. Influenza is highly recommended if available at your local veterinarian office.

Breed/Size – There are no breed or size restrictions.

Altered | Spayed/Neutered – Dogs may join our boarding program if not spayed (not in heat) or neutered, but will only be included in socialization programs on an alternate program or admitted to regular program on a case by case.

Behavioral – Our programs are inclusive of dogs that require more attention to acclimate and adjust to new people and new dogs. Dogs that may not have been a good fit for traditional daycare may find benefit and socialization opportunities in our enrichment, small group style program. Please reach out to info@baltimorebarkhouse.com to find out if our programs are right for you and your dog.

Cynder from BARCS in ball pit

Purposeful Play & Enrichment Activities

Purposeful play is play-based training that challenges a dog to learn while engaging mentally and physically in a positive and productive environment. The purposeful play incorporates enrichment activities and staff games while your dog socializes and plays individually or in groups.

Rest is important to achieve a positive experience for your dog. Rest periods are needed for optimal learning when training and to avoid overstimulation, stress, and injuries. To ensure their comfort and safety during rest, we invest in quality kennels of varying sizes with raised beds and privacy panels.

Staff Games

Cognitive Activities

Physical Activities

Sensory Activities

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